Franconia Soaring Foundation: Preserving the Art of Flight

Founded in 2016, the Franconia Soaring Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about motorless flight and safeguarding the Franconia Airport for future enthusiasts. Our partnership with the Franconia Soaring Association, New Hampshire’s only remaining soaring operation, deepens our commitment to sharing the wonder of gliding.

Experience the Magic of Soaring

From the magnificent views of Franconia Notch to the thrill of thermal and wave soaring, let our introduction videos open a window to a world above. Featured on PBS/WETA and WMUR9, come soar with us over Franconia.

Empowering Future Gliders

Our mission goes beyond the skies. Through generous donations, grants, and association cooperation, we provide substantial resources, training programs, and educational materials, including free flights for STEM students. Join us in shaping the future of flight.


Protecting Franconia’s Airborne Heritage

The Franconia Airport isn’t just a runway—it’s a beacon for community engagement, recreation, and education. By preserving it, we ensure that the unique soaring conditions of the White Mountains are enjoyed for generations, benefiting the wider community.